MiyakoDefense is a defense game in Japanese style

Let's defense enemies with units whitch are Hero, Heroine and some units. Get gold from enemies and level-up units.

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・Hero and Heroine is a default units in Stage. And their levels can bring next stage.
・Unit can move other position but it cannot attack soon when the position was changed.
・3 difficaulty and 8 stages


・Top bar are on Gold, Waves and Score.

Gold need to buy units. Let's get gold from emenies.
Wave is count of enemies in ranks.
Score is can get from enemies. it's added after clear stage as total score.

・Bottom bar are on Play/Stop button, fast-forward button, life counter画, and units. When life count is 0, it's game over.

・Units are Samurai, Miko(Maiden), Onmyouji(Magician).

・Heroine and Hero set on a stage.


・Hiroine can attack flying enemies with lightning and her level can bring next stage.
・Hero can multi attack and his level can bring next stage.
・Samurai can attack small aria.
・Miko can attack flying enemies with allow
・Onmyouji can become to slow enemies with a charm.

【How to play】

・Unit can buy when drop to stage from unit bar. If gold is not enough, it cannnot drop it.

・Unit level can show to tap on a unit. If gold is enough, level-up button will be shown.

・Unit can change position with drag but it cannot attack soon after the position was changed.

・Heroine and Hero as same as other unit but they can not buy. A stage has a Heroine and Hero.


EASY:50 waves
NORMAL:80 waves
HARD:99 waves

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