MMDPlayer is a MikuMikuDance viewer for iPhone/iPad. It's supported PDM, PMX and VMD file. Also it can sync with a song from iPod. And it can takes a photo that compositing with 3DCG. And more, Argumented Reality function is ready. If you print out dedicated image and view through a camera, you'll view a character standing virtually.

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Screen shot

Screen shot


How to use

First, please place pmd/pmx(Model data of MikuMikuDance)/vmd(Motion data of MikuMikuDance) files to MMDPlayer's document folder with iTunes. You can use zip archive instead of raw files.

Or visit a website that distributing MikuMikuDance assets with webbrowser like Safari, and download a zip archive contains pmd/vmd files and open it with MMDPlayer.

After that, you can choose model file to display from list of files in document folder that popuping by tap a folder icon button on ToolBar.

If you want to play animation, pick vmd file after pick pmd file. Or pick vmd file first, after that you can pick pmd file.


It cannot play a music without animation. This feature exists just for play dance animation synchronizing with music. If you want to hear a music, please choose animation file first.

3D View Functions

Camera Panning
1 finger drag
Translate Camera Tracking Point
2 finger drag
Dolly Camera
Interact Dynamics Object
Tap screen

Known Issue

Deferrent physics behavior between MikuMikuDance
Currently, we can't emulate a MikuMikuDance's behavior perfectly yet. We'll improve this issue.

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