Morse code

MorseTalk can change to text from Morse code with microphone.

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- To change text from Morse code with microphone.
- To beep sound with button touch.
- To change text to Morse code and Morse code to text.
- To flash light with Morse code.
- To change speed for Morse code.
- To change level of microphone.
- To support Twitter with Morse code.

# Text support only Alphabet and Number
# Device support iPhone4 and iPhone 4S

How to use:

 Test (that is under a toolbar) will be tweet. When the test over 140, it cannot be copyed.

 Text and Morse code will be changed. Top text will be change with sync button. The text can use alphabet and number. The Morse code can use 「· —」or「• -」

 Microphone will be Stoped.

 Text will be sounded with Morse code.

 Morse speed will be changed.(words per minute)

 Morse sound level will be changed.

 Light will be done on and off with Morse code.

 Morse code will be removed.

It returns to the top of the page.

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